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therapies and prices served at BCN Massage Studio

Therapies served at Barcelona Massage Studio will surely match your wishes. You are free to choose exactly the kind of massage you need to enjoy. We have specialized therapists.

So you can't be wrong with us! Call our phone valet and describe the massage your need. We will suggest the therapist that best fits your expectations.

Chiropractic massage

All of our therapists are certified. We all have the professional training for Chiropractic Massages. Choose what body parts you need to treat and how long you want the session.

elaborate massage

The welcoming atmosphere of our massage studio has a very unique effect.

The atmosphere and our politeness are the reasons why most of our customers and friends like to upgrade to more elaborate and longer massages. You also deserve it!

Our Massage therapies start with the 45 and 60 minutes sessions.

We can offer you even longer treats for 75, 90 and 120 minutes sessions. Absolutely exquisite!

massage therapies

Gentlemen who enjoyed Massages before say we are among the most professional teams in Europe.

Oftentimes beyond their expectations!

Please ask us for the perfect therapist according to your preferences.

extremely nice massage

We always have your requirements in mind.

Dare to enjoy!

Forget about the world and dive into a 75 minutes, 90 or 120 minutes extreme experience. Absolutely precious!




45 minutes: 150 €

60 minutes: 200 €

75 minutes: 250 €

90 minutes: 300 €

120 minutes: 400 €

You are free to choose whatever therapy style you wish!

Massage table or Japanese mat

Choose how you feel best! Massage table or Japanese mat.

Female and male masseurs

Your choice is relevant to us.

Please select the contact phone for female masseuses or male masseurs on contact.

We are serving gentlemen and ladies. Please ask us for a specific lady or male masseur following your personal preferences.



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